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This search facility can search for individual words, multiple words or phrases, eg:-
  • Single words such as 'brake' will return all products and categories containing this word
  • Phrases such as 'brake cleaner' will return only products and categories containing this phrase
  • Multiple words using the condition 'and' such as 'brake and cleaner' will return products and categories containing both words but not necessarily in order.
  • Multiple words using the condition 'or' such as 'brake or cleaner' will return products or categories containing either of these words.
How to Shop
Using the menu on the left you can access all of our stock lines, in many cases these will appear in sub-categories of the main menu.

When you find an item you are interested in you can view a picture and description of the item in a new window by clicking the 'view' button - view details

If you want to buy the item you can do so in the pop-up window or from the main list by entering the quantity you require and then clicking the 'add to basket' button - add to basket

If you don't want to order online using our secure payment page you can still use the on-line shop to build a shopping list which you can print and either fax or phone through to us.

The payment area uses SSL encryption but unlike other shops we don't debit any money from your account until the goods are despatched. If there are any items out of stock we will contact you.