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Dunlop Cadet Tyre Issues - (19/Feb/13)
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Following complaints from some drivers Anderson CSK, the Dunlop importers, have issued the following press release.

Full details of how returns and exchanges will be handled are not yet decided but Dartford Karting will help in any way we can when the new tyres are available in March.


The Association of British Kart Clubs along with Anderson-CSK and Dunlop wish to apologise for the issues that have transpired on the Formula Cadet wet tyre. Following tests by Dunlop in Japan on the return of a problem set of tyres it would appear that this may have been caused by a new batch of polymer, and perhaps exacerbated by the effect of the cold weather in our winter. The results of the tests have only just become available.

Anderson-CSK have already arranged with Dunlop to immediately manufacture a controlled batch of tyres, with another immediate follow up. Control means with reference back to the batches prior to the problem arising. The first batch will be air-freighted to the UK by the end of February and it is anticipated can be distributed during the first week of March. Dunlop have agreed to exchange all tyres from the problem batch for the new tyres, which will be easily identified by the new barcode marking. Further details on the logistics of this exchange will be given by Anderson-CSK shortly. There will be no cost to the competitor.

Anderson-CSK,Dunlop and the ABkC can only apologise and ask for parents and drivers forbearance. Please be assured that Dunlop is fully committed to resolving the problem as quickly as humanly possible and have assured us that the performance of the wet tyres will be restored to the previous norm. The MSA are being kept informed of developments.