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At the start of 2015 the CIK introduced new regulations for 'drop-down' spoilers in an attempt to reduce contact driving. While the introduction of this system has not been implemented in the UK there are changes to the moulding of new spoilers which means you may need to order additional fixing blocks when replacing front spoilers.
Most of us are used to seeing the system below:-
Original moulding
All new production spoilers for all brands will now have a flat back with 8 fixings:-
New mouling for 2015
This will require either the standard fixing blocks for UK use:-
New spoiler with UK fixing blocks
Or the extended 'drop-down' blocks for CIK use:-
New spoiler with CIK fixing blocks
Some pre 2015 spolers used a similar system, namely CRG and the KG FP7 models but although they look the same the hole  positions are not....... a little bit of CIK wisdom to further confuse matters and cost more!!

Due the the huge amount of bodywork that we have to keep on our shelves there will be a crossover period until all older stocks are exhausted.
Although the fixing blocks are an additional item (and price) they are reusable so don't discard them when you replace your spoilers.
We will do everything we can to help customers when ordering and if you order online we may contact you if we think you need additional items.

Beware also that the new spoilers have new homologation numbers and despite our attempts to convince the MSA that the rules need to be altered to allow new items of bodywork to be mixed with old ones they will not budge;  in theory all your numbers on chrome and plastic parts should match but let's hope the scrutineers apply some common sense......