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OTK Mychron 5 dash support

New steering wheel bracket for Mychron 5

Mychron 5 bracket

Specially made to fit all TonyKart models and overcome problems with pedantic scrutineers!

Only £10 +vat - Click here to buy

Honda Non Return Valve

From 1st Jan 2016 all Honda Cadets must use a non-return valve on the breather of the fuel tank.

Honda Cadet Non Return Valve

We have these in stock at just £3.00 + vat
trade enquiries welcome

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New Honda Exhaust

From March 2016 all Honda Cadets must use the new ABKC approved exhaust

Although there will be an initial cost to change the new exhaust is a more sturdy unit specifically made for racing. In addition every one is made to the same spec which should make the racing fairer with no need to search for a 'good one'!

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Xeramic Oils and Chemicals

We are proud to have been appointed as the Official UK Distributor for Xeramic products. Trade enquiries welcome

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